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Awards = Free PR

Awards = Free PR I love awards – not only do they recognize amazing entrepreneurs, business, initiatives, people, etc – but it’s a great form of FREE PR. Why? Because the organization running the awards, will promote the finalists and the winners. They do all the work for you. In order to raise it’s own […]

PESO model – redefining PR

PESO model – redefining PR Integrated Campaigns. What are they and why should we be using them for our marketing strategy? Think of an integrated marketing campaign as a puzzle and the puzzle pieces as different pieces of media working together to complete the puzzle. The puzzle pieces of media can go into one of […]

High – Return Campaigns Need Fuel

High-return campaigns need fuel the new PR/marketing comms model is rooted in and ignited in integration Despite what some marketing or communications professionals might have you believe, a social media account isn’t going to elevate your brand to the stratosphere. If you’re lucky, you might reach oxygen depletion levels, right before you start to crash. […]

The Art & Science of Media Pitches

The Art & Science of Media Pitches Media pitches. What are they and how do you write them. It’s a brief email, to a reporter, in an attempt to get a journalist/editor or media outlet interested in your news/story so that they decide to cover it. It’s that simple. Media outlets receive hundreds of pitches […]

Living up to brand integrity

Brand Integrity - Global Brand Integrity - Brand Image - Almira

Living up to brand integrity I don’t mean to pick on the coaching industry. Or actually, by writing this, I guess I am. I just don’t get it. Extremely high profile coaches, with massive followings, raising global consciousness and self-worth, telling us to “dm me”, “tell me your story”, “let’s connect”. And then don’t respond […]

Why You’re Throwing Money Away on PR

Why You’re Throwing Money Away on PR - Almira

Why You’re Throwing Money Away on PR “Hold on a second”, you’re thinking. Why is a PR person, telling me I’m wasting my money on PR?   If you’re expecting that PR (traditionally defined as media coverage in newspaper, TV, radio and now online too), by itself, will convert to sales, you are wrong.   […]

Engagement vs Followers

Engagement vs Followers Engagement vs Followers – If your brand has 1000 followers on Instagram but only 10 of those followers actually see your posts and engage, you’re doing something wrong. Quality over quantity – we’ve all heard this before but this is especially true for building your brand on social media. Good engagement rates […]

Top Tips – How to Pitch Media

Top Tips – How to Pitch Media How to Pitch Media – A media pitch is a short email to a media outlet that you want to pitch for press coverage, interviews and more – think of this as your “ask”. You’re aiming to spark interest in your cause/business/story and asking the outlet to speak […]

Your Brand Is Everything

Your Brand Is Everything How do you build a brand? Most of the time, the answer to that question depends who you ask and what their area of expertise is. Graphic designers call for logos, marketers call for messaging, media relations experts call for publication placement. I prefer an integrated approach: everything you do or […]

Here’s Why Your Content Sucks

Here’s Why Your Content Sucks Here’s Why Your Content Sucks Word slop is the enemy of good content. Let me explain: Our integrated configuration system utilizes top-performing sequences to procure high efficacy outcomes. Did your eyes just glaze over? Content like that appears more frequently than it should. On websites. In brochures. In sales materials. […]