Almira Bardai

Don’t Make Your Audience Think

Don’t Make Your Audience Think _ Have you ever visited a website or read an article about a product (or app, or person, or service, or brand), sat back and thought: I have no idea what that means, or what it is, or who it’s for?

I have.

Then, like everyone else who visited that website or read that article, I moved on. Relationship over, before it even started.

It’s not a potential customer’s responsibility to figure out what you’re offering, why they should care, or most importantly, why they should act.

It’s your job. Or, if you have one, your team’s job.

Audiences need clarity: instant, relational understanding about why something matters to them. This only happens with a carefully and beautifully constructed key message that gets repeated across all communication materials and platforms.

That nugget of goodness — the key message — involves stripping away personal depth of knowledge to get to the core of what the target audience needs to hear and see.

It means not only knowing your business but knowing what your audience cares about in relation to your business. It means setting aside competing for internal priorities, and coming at your message from your audience’s point of view.

It means having internal clarity so you can provide external clarity, and grow your business.

So, friends. What’s the key message here?