Almira Bardai

An entrepreneur looking defeated in front of laptop

The sweet spot: balancing the challenges of balancing family and business responsibilities

AKA: Balancing is not the juggling act, or 3-ring circus, you may be currently experiencing

They say that balance (particularly between business and family responsibilities) is a juggling act. If you took that perspective, it means that life and business are a circus.

Here’s the thing… the circus isn’t real. Just like the struggle bus doesn’t actually exist.

There is NO circus. No monkeys. No struggle.

Ease and balance is actually very easy to achieve, and to live in.

The secret… is in reverse engineering, Where you determine the outcome, and then work backwards. If ultimately you want balance and ease – then START from there. And then embed it into everything that you do and everything that you be.

I still see entrepreneurs running their business – from a space where the business runs them. The entrepreneur is always in a rush, against tight deadlines, wearing all the hats, etc. It’s a grind, a hustle and you’re chasing business. And then you still need to get the kids from school, take them to activities, make dinner and hopefully have real quality time with them. And your spouse. Seems never ending, doesn’t it?

Instead of that rat race – START from a place of ease. Where you, this calm, clear-minded entrepreneur, goes through the day in a place of ease, balance (balancing work, home, self-care, etc). How incredible would it feel and look in your life?!

Just think about it – easily attracting clients, smooth communication and service to/with all your clients, thrilled customers, easily meeting sales targets and financial goals. Making decisions from a calm mind. And still having time for yourself, being totally present with family and lunching with your girlfriends on a Wednesday.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. That’s how life and work is MEANT to be, and particularly for women. We are designed to be in ease, peace, joy, flow and balance. Not in hustle, grind or the typically masculine way of entrepreneurship (which we perceive as pushing).

So – ready for balance in both life and business? In Mapping Your Millions, I mentor you on a customized roadmap, to massively scale your growth – without sacrificing your time, balance, family and peace of mind.

  • We go through key areas of your business, streamlining it, prioritizing areas and delegating (and hacking off what is dead!), and align it with ease.
  • We identify what’s holding you and your business back, and get you off that struggle bus.
  • Something feels gross and hard – we dig into it to smooth out the crunchy bits and make it look and feel better.
  • We determine how and where you can make more money, get your time back, and take a damn day off.
  • You get financial clarity and peace of mind.

Ready to go from the circus life to one that’s a tropical beach? Check out Mapping Your Millions and let’s see if it’s a fit for you.

Breath out a sign of relief, I got you.