Almira Bardai

PESO model - redefining PR

Integrated Campaigns. What are they and why should we be using them for our marketing strategy?

Think of an integrated marketing campaign as a puzzle and the puzzle pieces as different pieces of media working together to complete the puzzle. The puzzle pieces of media can go into one of four categories: Paid, Earned, Shared, or Owned media. This is referred to as the PESO model.

Let’s break down the different areas of the PESO model.

Owned Media: This is what you own. Any creative assets like visual content, podcasts, audio, or content fall into owned media. Owned media is what comes first in the PESO process.

Shared Media: Step 2 in the process. Shared media may include organic reviews online, social monitoring, and private social media sharing sites.

Earned Media: In today’s world, earned media goes beyond pitching journalists. Earned media might include social media influencers recommending your product or relationships with bloggers and investors.

Paid Media: The first letter but the last step of the process, paid media includes ads, boosted content, and sponsored content.

With the ever changing digital landscape, it’s important to implement as many key aspects of the four different types of media into your campaign to have the best chance for success. This can be done by following the PESO model. An integrated campaign will work in sync and strategically to allow you to have optimal success.