Almira Bardai

Public and Media Relations

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Public and Media Relations

Spinning your wheels on communications with no real strategy?

Wasting time and money managing disjointed media efforts?

Ready to make a bigger impact and see more results?

Yeah, I kind a thought so!

Ignite Your Communications. Blow Up Your Brand.

I’ll help you set your communications on fire by getting all the right content in all the right places, at exactly the right times.

You’ll be seen and heard as you finally get your print, television, and online outlets working together, and in alignment with your messaging.

I can help you:

Center your PR, comms, and social media around brand and user experience

Maximize positive coverage of yourself and your organization

Run high-stake, global campaigns without breaking a sweat

Experience major reputational shifts as you increase brand visibility 

Let your message spread like wildfire!

With your high-level thinking and my expert-level knowledge of PR and communications, your brand will be unstoppable.