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Living up to brand integrity

I don’t mean to pick on the coaching industry. Or actually, by writing this, I guess I am.

I just don’t get it. Extremely high profile coaches, with massive followings, raising global consciousness and self-worth, telling us to “dm me”, “tell me your story”, “let’s connect”.

And then don’t respond to those DMs.


They’re asking people to share themselves and their vulnerability, or even just ask questions or talk to them, and these coaches don’t respond?

And this is after they’ve told fans that they have team members supporting them – so clearly there’s bandwidth.

No “regular” brand would get away with this. They’d be crucified by their tribe. Not only is it poor form, but also breaks a classic rule of social media – community engagement!

Yet these coaches, who are brands in their own right, are the ones missing this key point of engaging with their community, and fundamental brand integrity of connecting with their fans.

To me, it’s an oxymoron. How can such transformational leaders, change agents of humanity, not respond back? And ultimately not live in integrity with their brand promise.

What this points to, is that all brands need to be checking in on their promises, and making sure they deliver on them – down to the minutest detail.

Those that do, truly earn (and deserve) brand love, resonate with their community and stand out in the crowd.