Almira Bardai


Your Brand Is Everything

How do you build a brand?

Most of the time, the answer to that question depends who you ask and what their area of expertise is. Graphic designers call for logos, marketers call for messaging, media relations experts call for publication placement.

I prefer an integrated approach: everything you do or produce as an organization is your brand.


Turning a good brand into a global brand doesn’t leave room for shortcuts.

So, how do I build a brand?

Find Clarity and Definition

I unpack everything that makes a company unique by nailing down selling points, audience, impact, and existing personality.

Make a Plan

Understanding is great — but without a plan, there are only ideas floating in the air. I develop a tactical strategy with clear goals and outcomes to execute on.

Apply the Brand

I help ensure the brand touches every aspect of the business. Everything — from client interactions, to office space, to the website, to social platforms, to the product — should be centred around the brand.

Live for Consistency

Consistency is underrated. On the surface, it’s not exciting. But the more consistent brands are — across platforms, across messaging, offline and online — the stronger the brand becomes.

Take it Further

I tackle integrated, high-return campaigns that elevate a brand to the next level. When brands integrate PR, communications, marketing, influencers, and social media, change happens.